NYO Flashback: Raised to Play

How NYO values helped one student athlete on his road to become the NBA’s first Iñupiaq player Seated in the stands at the 2018 Native Youth Olympic (NYO) Games, Kamaka Hepa deceives you. He looks like any other high school … More

NYO Flashback: The Story of a Banner

When the Kenaitze team marched their banner onto the gym floor at the 2018 Native Youth Olympics (NYO), they carried the evidence of all the hard work they’d put in this year — and a special tribute to a lost mentor. More

NYO Flashback: The Comeback Kick

Take a look back at NYO 2018 with a series of stories about some of our athletes and teams. NYO provided the grit and focus needed for one athlete to recover from a devastating injury When 15-year-old Judah Eason regarded … More

NYO 2018: Nothing’s Possible without Partnership

Every year, NYO draws hundreds of student athletes and coaches from all across the state to celebrate Alaska Native culture and tradition through competition and sportsmanship–and it’s only possible through the support of our generous sponsors and the work of … More

NYO 2018: Inspired by Students

How NYO evolved from an idea cooked up by boarding school students to a three-day, 10-event celebration of culture and tradition Life in Anchorage’s 1970s boarding schools was tough for kids — especially for the Alaska Native kids who were … More

NYO 2018: Honoring NYO Ambassador Ben Snowball

“My dad and Native Youth Olympics always just went hand-in-hand,” recalled Holly Snowball Morales when talking about her father, Ben Snowball. “Every time someone talked about NYO, he was just naturally part of the conversation.” That’s because only a few … More