What does it mean to thrive? Western definitions suggest that to thrive is to prosper, to flourish or be successful. Our closest traditional Dena’ina word is “Edzege,” which is characterized by the more human traits of talent, industriousness, competence or bravery. To thrive in this way means being connected with one’s own unique capabilities and the bounty of potential they provide.

While these words begin to offer clarity and meaning to thriving, our search for a deeper definition requires us to go further. So much so that we’ve embraced the bold idea of ThriveAbility. It’s a concept that we will define and design to guide our path forward. It’s an aspiration and a vision for Our People. It’s a word that issues us a bold challenge: It asks that we look within our collective hearts, see the truth of the world today, and co-design with our community a future that unlocks the endless potential living within all of Our People.

This vision, which we’re calling ThriveAbility Plan 2025, is a framework for the next five years at CITC. This plan is intended to be the why and the how of our transformation from Sustainability to ThriveAbility. It’s a bold mission, and one that is core to our natural progression, our growth and our belief in the bold and vibrant future that awaits. ThriveAbility 2025 defines what thriving looks like for our staff, our participants and our stakeholders.

It builds upon our Sustainability 2021 plan, providing the next iteration of the path toward self-determination for CITC and Our People. It establishes a framework for goals designed to be a benchmark for our progress. It establishes a trailblazing vision of Spiritual Wellness, which will be incorporated into the center of our community, and relied upon to nourish and enhance CITC’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Download CITC ThriveAbility Plan 2025