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The Alaska’s People team is here to support you in your job-seeking efforts. Call or send us a message and get connected with a Workforce Development Coordinator or visit us and use the career center. Get your career path started today!

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Alaska’s People works to connect Alaska Native/American Indian people in the Cook Inlet region to employment and training opportunities and actively recruits the best candidates for CITC’s workforce.

Alaska’s People focuses on personal and professional development to support individuals in achieving their potential as guided by our five factors:

  • Financial stability
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Education and training
  • Cultural and spiritual wellness
  • Relationships that lead to families’ success

The following core pillars guide the work of Alaska’s People and our services:

  • Employment: Alaska’s People connects job-seekers to industry-driven, high-quality career paths and supports employers in developing their future workforce.
  • Recruitment: Alaska’s People works closely with internal stakeholders to support the recruitment of qualified staff passionate about CITC’s mission and who embody CITC’s core values.
  • Development: Alaska’s People supports building leadership capacity through connections to training, development, and coaching. We identify and create opportunities to move people forward in their career development.


CITC & Subsidiary Jobs

Alaska Native Hire Jobs

Internship Opportunities (AN/AI)

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Open to all Alaska Native and American Indian individuals and their families seeking employment or training opportunities.

Recruitment Services

Our team of talented recruiters are available for organizations outside of CITC, and we offer customizable recruitment packages to meet your business needs.

Employment Opportunities

Alaska’s People connects job-seekers to industry-driven, high-quality career path opportunities and supports employers in developing a future workforce through a variety of resources and employment opportunities.

Career Center

Located on the first floor of CITCs Nat'uh Service Center, Alaska's People's full-service career center provides access to a network of employment and training opportunities and professional development tools.

Intern Partnership Program

CITC's Internship program is a 12-week summer opportunity for Alaska Native and American Indian students enrolled in college and vocational education programs.

Youth Advisory Council

CITC established its Youth Advisory Council (YAC) as a commitment to multi-generational programs and the transfer of Alaska Native knowledge and understanding.

Coho Cup café

At the Coho Cup café, you can get coffee for a cause! Fueled by Alaska’s People apprentices, the Coho Cup serves as a training ground for our future barista workforce.

Get Out The Native Vote

Get Out The Native Vote is a Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc. (CITC) subsidiary and non-partisan effort in Alaska to mobilize and empower Alaska Native and American Indian voters.


CITC provides an array of scholarships encompassing a variety of career interests to qualifying students.