Financial Assistance

Offers financial support for Alaska Native and American Indian families who have lost a loved one and lack the means for a memorial or funeral.


Burial Assistance Application



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Provides financial support for families in need of daycare services for children under the age of 13 while parents participate in employment, training, or educational activities.




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Intensive Case Management services provide coordination for housing, employment and other vital, critical needs for Alaska Native and American Indian individuals residing in the Municipality of Anchorage. Case managers assist participants in finding resources to prevent homelessness and connect them to alternate services, like temporary shelters and food.













Temporary cash support for Alaska Native and American Indian individuals and families for essential needs, like paying bills, buying food, covering rent or mortgage payments, and other household-related expenses. GA is a sole-resource program, and participants cannot receive cash assistance from other public programs while receiving GA funds. Applicants work with a case manager to determine specific eligibility.











Financial support for paying heating utility bills for qualifying Alaska Native and American Indian families residing within the Municipality of Anchorage.


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Provides temporary cash assistance for families with children. Qualifying families take part in career planning, training, and/or furthering education with access to child care and other services that support employment, including transportation, interview practice, and money for needed work clothes, tools, and other supplies.













The CITC-JOM Native Student Activities Program provides assistance to meet the educational needs of Alaska Native and American Indian students enrolled full-time in Preschool – 12th grade in the Anchorage School District (ASD).

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