Family Wellness

CITC’s Family Wellness Services provide comprehensive support to assist families in establishing safe, secure, and healthy family environments. We partner with families in developing new skills to stay together and avoid foster-care placement of their children, and our services promote the health and wellness of early learning and early childhood development. We help families recover from and/or prevent abuse, neglect, and domestic violence through education and mentoring services and by establishing connections with related resources in the community. We also serve families in immediate need with financial support for living expenses, housing, and connections to employment, child-care services, and transportation.



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Elizabeth and her family highlight the range of services that CITC can provide to Alaska Native families. Whether you are in need of family services, addiction and recovery support, or job services, CITC is here for you.


CITC Family Services include support family contact, Child and Family Services, Parent Connections, Foster Family Liaisons, Home Based Education Programs, Kindergarten Preparedness, and more.


No matter where you are in your journey to recovery, CITC’s Addiction and Recovery Services is here for you. Our services, while promoting Alaska Native values, are for all Alaskans and include assessments, residential and outpatient treatment, individual and group counseling, alumni and peer support networks, and prevention.