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Alaska’s People works to connect Alaska Native/American Indian people in the Cook Inlet region to employment and training opportunities and actively recruits the best candidates for CITC’s workforce.

Paid apprenticeship opportunities are designed to provide individuals with progressive work experience and build organizational leadership capacity through on-the-job training and skills development.








Located on the first floor of our Nat’uh Service Center, Alaska’s People’s full-service career center provides access to a network of employment and training opportunities and professional development tools, including computers, fax and scan services, online development training, career assessment, job-search assistance, and employment support.


Career counselors assist individuals in developing professional goals and provide resume support, interview coaching, and connections to job openings and training resources.


Alaska’s People hosts regular community job fairs and virtual and in-person recruitment events for key stakeholders and community partners. Job fairs promote employment opportunities for both job seekers and employers while creating networking opportunities for workforce development.







Our Intern Partner Program provides paid internship opportunities for Alaska Native and American Indian students enrolled full- or part-time or who have recently graduated from an undergraduate/graduate degree program or technical school in a related degree field.


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Along with mentoring, interns gain work experience with CITC and our partnering organizations throughout our community. We have scholarship opportunities aimed at degree-seeking students who are CIRI shareholders or descendants. Scholarships are managed by The CIRI Foundation.


Alaska Native Hire is an easy-to-use online forum that brings together job seekers and employers. The site allows individuals to create a profile highlighting specific experience, skills, education, and employment history, while employers have the ability to search the database for the specific skills to fill vacant positions.

For job seekers, this is a website where the jobs find you, and for employers, Alaska Native Hire is a powerful tool to help meet your local hire needs.

Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, a nationally recognized credential that is the foundation of career advancement in early childhood education.

Alaska’s People manages the training program and candidates are trained at the Clare Swan Early Learning Center (CSELC). Participants are paid $17 per-hour while completing the training and classroom experience needed to earn a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential.


Participants will receive

  • culturally responsive direct instruction
  • coaching
  • classroom experience (applicable to the six hundred hour program.)
  • employment navigation support
  • professional skills
  • job placement support

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People also used the following services:

Life-Skills Workshops

Life-skills and Workplace Competencies workshops are held in both group and individual settings and cover a wide variety of topics to help people better understand their own strengths and enhance their ability to get and keep meaningful employment. Workshops are open to any individual registered with our Employment & Training Services.

Financial Assistance

We provide temporary cash assistance for families as they participate in career planning, training, and/or furthering education with access to child care and other services that support employment, including transportation, interview practice, and money for needed work clothes, tools, and other supplies. Critical Needs support services offer assistance for housing, transportation assistance, and other vital needs.



Adult Education & GED Prep

Learn fundamental skills in math, reading, and writing while preparing for GED testing. Paired with our GED Preparation program, individuals improve/refresh academic skills through tutoring support while earning a high school diploma to gain better employment and increased wages.


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Drop-in Child Care Center

The Nahtsahda Child Care Center gives quality child care at our on-site drop-in site for parents visiting CITC’s Nat’uh service center.


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Child Care Assistance

The Child Care Assistance Program provides financial support for families in need of daycare services for children under the age of 13 while parents participate in employment, training, or educational activities.



Alaska Native Hire

Alaska Native Hire is a web-based career portal serving as a digital resource where qualified candidates statewide can easily connect with employers.

Job Coaching

Work with career counselors who assist individuals in developing professional goals and provide resume support, interview coaching, and connections to job openings and training resources.


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