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Kindergarten Preparedness

CITC’s kindergarten preparedness program, La’a Kenu – Learning Our Way, provides families with literary and physical development activity calendars, enrollment in the Anchorage Imagination Library (for children birth through five years old), opportunities to read to/with your child around town, and more. La’a Kenu also hosts family events where we work with parents on the Alaska Developmental Profile to prepare parents and children for kindergarten.

La’a Kenu was designed to promote and strengthen kindergarten preparedness among Alaska Native/American Indian children. This program will equip families for kindergarten by supporting parents with tracking child development, increasing literacy in the environment, and supporting child development from a cultural approach.


  • Have a child who has not yet started Kindergarten
  • Live within the Municipality of Anchorage (for Anchorage Imagination Library enrollees)
  • Alaska Native/American Indian priority