Employment & Training Services

Our Employment and Training Services assist participants in achieving self-sufficiency and finding meaningful and sustainable employment as they progress through lifestyle changes. We have training services that include interpersonal communication and life-skills development, job-placement and career coaching, and improving vocational and/or academic performance. We provide individual support services for vocational development and apprenticeships, child care, employment placement and referrals, career and job counseling, recruitment services for partner organizations, and a full-service career development center.


Learn fundamental skills in math, reading, and writing while preparing for GED testing. Paired with our GED Preparation program, individuals improve/refresh academic skills through tutoring support while earning a high school diploma to gain better employment and increased wages.


Supportive services assist individuals in gaining volunteer and work experience to increase marketable job skills, build resumes and cover letters, and obtain full-time, non-subsidized employment after an initial training period.






Our Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation (TVR) program assists Alaska Native/American Indian individuals with disabilities in gaining and maintaining meaningful employment. All services are provided with cooperation and mutual respect for all individuals.

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We have multiple grants to assist individuals in pursuing training to increase employment opportunities in various industries that include transportation, construction, automotive, welding, administration, health care, information technology, maritime and more.

For more information or to apply for Vocational Training Grants, come meet with Education Services team on Walk In Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Note: Employment and Training Eligibility must be completed prior to applying for Vocational Training Grants Program.

Eklutna, Inc. Grants provide funding support to EI shareholders and/or their descendants for tuition, registration fees, required books or supplies, and equipment or uniforms needed for employment and educational purposes. For more information call (907) 793-3345.


People also used the following services:

Life-Skills Workshops

Life-skills and Workplace Competencies workshops are held in both group and individual settings and cover a wide variety of topics to help people better understand their own strengths and enhance their ability to get and keep meaningful employment. Workshops are open to any individual registered with our Employment & Training Services.

Financial Assistance

We provide temporary cash assistance for families as they participate in career planning, training, and/or furthering education with access to child care and other services that support employment, including transportation, interview practice, and money for needed work clothes, tools, and other supplies. Critical Needs support services offer assistance for housing, transportation assistance, and other vital needs.



Alaska Native Hire

Alaska Native Hire is a web-based career portal serving as a digital resource where qualified candidates statewide can easily connect with employers.


Click Here to Visit Alaska Native Hire

Computer Resource Lab

Our Computer Resource Lab provides access to computers and related resources for applying for employment and learning basic computer skills.


Child Care Assistance

The Child Care Assistance Program provides financial support for families in need of daycare services for children under the age of 13 while parents participate in employment, training, or educational activities.



Child Care Center

The Nahtsahda Child Care Center gives quality on-site child care at our drop-in center for parents visiting CITC’s Nat’uh service center.

Job Coaching

Work with career counselors who assist individuals in developing professional goals and provide resume support, interview coaching, and connections to job openings and training resources.

Tribal TANF

Provides temporary cash assistance for families with children. Qualifying families take part in career planning, training, and/or furthering education with access to child care and other services that support employment, including transportation, interview practice, and money for needed work clothes, tools, and other supplies.


Alaska Native and American Indian individuals residing in Anchorage are eligible for services.







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Looking for employment?

Alaska’s People supports your job-seeking efforts.


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Pam’s (she/her) journey to employment is one of many success stories that come through CITC’s Alaska’s People employment center every day. Alaska’s People, CITC’s employment center, works to connect Alaska Native/American Indian people in the Cook Inlet region to employment and training opportunities.


Alaska’s People and our full Employment & Training services include adult education, drop-in child care, employment support services, case management, TANF, vocational rehabilitation, and youth employment internships and services.