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Vocational Training Grants Program

The Vocational Training  Grants Program has multiple grants that can assist participants that are pursuing training in order to increase their employment opportunities.

Tribal Training Grant

The Tribal Training Grant is available to help fund short term  certifications or vocational trainings needed for job enhancement and/or to gain employment. Eligible Alaska Native or American Indian adults residing within the Cook Inlet Region may apply at any time through the year.

Native American Career & Technical Education Program Grant

The NACTEP Grant is for short term vocational training that leads to an industry recognized credentials and employment in high skill, high wage, and high demand occupations. Eligible Alaska Native/American Indian adults in the Anchorage Metro and Matsu area may apply at any time through the year.

Eklutna Inc. Grants

The Eklutna Inc. Grants are to support a variety of education and employment improvement opportunities for Eklutna shareholders and descendants. Eklutna Inc. Grant opportunities focus on Education/Employment Urgent Access, Child-to-Adult Development, and Fellowships.

**Note: All grants are awarded based on need, first-come, first-completed basis and are contingent on funding availability.

Training Program Opportunities

We partner with various training vendors that provide training programs in the following areas for industries that has a demand for workers.

Training Programs Program Timeframes
Structural Welding 8 weeks
Ultimate (Advance) Welding 8 weeks
Commercial Truck Driver 4, 6, or 8 weeks
Administrative Assistant 4 weeks
Project Management 4 weeks
Health/Safety Environmental Technician 6 weeks
Service Oiler 8 weeks
Business Computer Information Systems A.A. 60 weeks
Business Administration & Accounting A.A. 14 months
Business Administration & Human Resources A.A. 14 months
Business Administration A.A. 12 months
Business Technology Diploma 9 months

**Note: Program start dates may vary and are arranged through training vendors.

To learn more, join the Information Session held every month. To sign up, call 793-3345 or email citcvocationaled@citci.org.


  • Residency requirements must be met 30 days prior to the start of any training.
  • A Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB/CIB) from the Bureau of Indian Affairs or proof of tribal enrollment showing blood quantum.
  • 2021 Application for Services
  • Additional documentation may be needed to meet 477 income eligibility requirements for further assistance.

The Vocational Training Grants Program is located at CITC – Employment and Training Services Department on the second floor of 3600 San Jeronimo Drive in Anchorage. For more information or to apply with the Vocational Training Grant Program for the above grant opportunities please contact our team at 793-3345  or email us at citcvocationaled@citci.org.

**Note: For scholarship options for qualifying degree-seeking students, visit our Scholarships page listed under Alaska’s People.