New Welcome Center to Open Thursday, February 9

The new center, plus an innovative app, provide better connection between CITC staff and people seeking services

CITC’s new Charlie Anderson Welcome Center will open its doors Thursday, February 9. With the launch of this new resource, individuals who seek services at CITC will be instantly connected with programs, thanks to a team of Navigation specialists.

The Welcome Center, which was closed for renovations in December 2022, will serve as the first point of contact for anyone who enters the Nat’uh Service Center. Before an individual is referred to a specific CITC department or program, Navigation specialists will assess that person’s needs and ensure that they are informed about additional services that can help them realize their potential.

“CITC is a one-stop shop with a wide variety of programs and supports,” commented Navigation Manager Billy Blixt, who heads the Welcome Center team. “So many people come to CITC for one or two services; they don’t even realize the plethora of programs we offer.”

As experts in CITC’s complete array of resources, the Navigation team will assist individuals and families in taking full advantage of all the ways in which CITC can support them in reaching their personal goals.

We’ve got an app for that

Following the opening of the Welcome Center, CITC will offer another new tool that will help participants and their case managers, job trainers, and other staff stay in touch: an app called myCITC.

The myCITC app is an online system where individuals can create a profile, send secure messages to CITC staff, search for programs and services, and complete online applications. The tool is intended to make services more accessible and communication easier, while also ensuring participant privacy.

Initially, the myCITC app will allow individuals to electronically fill out and submit the CITC application for services, learn about programs and services, and send HIPAA Secure messages to CITC staff.

Additional features will be available on the app in the coming months. In the meantime, the new Navigation team will also help people enrolling with CITC download and navigate the app.

A friendly welcome

Prior to the new Welcome Center’s opening, people who visit CITC check in with security staff before visiting departments like Alaska’s People or Recovery Services. While CITC’s security staff aims to be friendly and helpful, though, it can be upsetting for some individuals to interact with someone who resembles law enforcement.

“We want people to feel welcome and safe when they visit CITC,” Billy said. “We’re here to serve whoever comes through the door and make sure no one falls through the cracks. And if we get folks who need that extra level of support, we’ll help get them where they need to be.”

As the first resource people will encounter upon entering the Nat’uh Service Center, the Navigation team will take the time to build a relationship with participants and determine their needs.

“We’ll even ride the elevator up with them, talk about the intake process, and make introductions to case managers or job trainers,” Billy elaborated.

Mark your calendar, and come visit the new Charlie Anderson Welcome Center at CITC, opening February 9! For more information on CITC’s programs and services, visit