NYO Games Featured in Alaska Business Monthly magazine

For more than 50 years, the NYO Games have provided youth an opportunity to compete in traditional games, build values, and find a community.

This month, Alaska Business Monthly magazine (AKBM) has published a feature story highlighting NYO, its impact on youth, and its importance to our community.

Excerpt from feature:

“All of the games are played for a reason. These include building strength, agility, endurance, and concentration,” says NYO Head Official Nicole Johnson. “Before today’s modern amenities, we needed to rely on these skills to survive, moving from one area to the next over the seasons. We had to be strong enough to provide for our families and to carry small and large loads over long distances.”

Read the full article here.

Planning is already underway at CITC for the 2023 NYO Games, with the Junior Games (Feb 24-26) and the Senior Games (April 20-22) coming soon.

Learn more about NYO and its impact here.