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Chanlyut - Reentry Support Services

CITC’s Chanlyut residence is a 24-hour recovery treatment and re-entry program for men who want to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Structured as a family inside the Chanlyut residence, the program pairs inpatient recovery treatment with work therapy, preparing men to be personally responsible and to reintegrate into the community. Participants live in the program’s Chanlyut house (pronounced “shawn-loot,” Dena’ina Athabascan for “new beginnings”).

As an American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) level 3.1 care facility, Chanlyut pairs residents with counselors who provide recovery treatment services that are targeted to meet each individual’s needs. Chanlyut is a 24-hour residential treatment setting that offers at least 12 hours of clinical services per week. In addition, individuals complete three hours of daily work therapy.

At this level of care, the primary focus of treatment is exploring an individual’s readiness to change, relapse potential and prevention, and the ability of an individual’s home and immediate relationships to support recovery efforts. Other services include groups on Anger Management, Life Skills Development, Healthy Communication, Relapse Prevention, Trauma Symptom Management, and Futures Planning. In addition to group services, individuals receive support in meeting basic needs, learning and practicing job readiness skills, and individual substance misuse counseling.

Upon completion, participants have the opportunity to transfer into supportive housing to continue to build upon the skills needed to promote long-term recovery and successful re-integration into the community.


The Chanlyut program is open to individuals with substance misuse and co-occurring disorders who have been recommended for inpatient ASAM level 3.1 treatment. Average length of treatment is about six weeks.

The program is particularly sensitive to and culturally relevant for Alaska Native/American Indian men.

For more information on Chanlyut and re-entry support, please contact  (907) 793-3200.