Do you have a big job interview coming up? Fewer and fewer job-seekers are actually showing up at an office, dressed to impressed, armed with a resume, for an in-person interview. Thanks to our changing world, virtual interviews are the new normal.

Put your best foot forward during virtual job interviews. Alaska’s People offers guidance and support for job-seekers.

Recently, CITC’s go-to job resource center, Alaska’s People, shared some interview hacks and tips for preparing for an upcoming virtual interview. In this follow-up, you’ll learn how to stand out during your interview, as well as how to wrap things up in a professional way.


  • Make eye contact – but not with the screen! To make eye-contact virtually, you’ll actually want to look at the camera on your phone. Alternatively, you can position the video window on your computer as close to the camera as possible.
  • Use professional body language. You might be at home – but don’t act like it! Sit up, be alert, and remember that your enthusiasm for this job will show through your body language. “When you slouch or sit casually, it makes the interviewer feel like you’re not engaged,” shared William.
  • Sit still. You’re not talking to a friend on FaceTime, so don’t get up and roam around. Find a stable, comfortable position and stay there. Be ready to sit and talk professionally.
  • Deal with delay. If there’s a delay in your connection, help your interviewer out by making it clear when you are finished answering a question with phrases like, “In conclusion,” or “To sum up…” Allow a brief pause before responding to ensure you’re not interrupting your interviewer’s question.


  • Send a thank-you. All it takes is a nice email thanking someone for taking the time to learn more about you. “Employers really do take notice,” Nathan said. “It sticks with them.”
  • Reflect. Think about what worked and what didn’t work during the interview. What questions caught you unprepared? Were there distractions or interruptions you could have better planned for? What went well? Consider meeting with an Alaska’s People workforce development coordinator like Nathan or William to review your interview experience and strategize for your next opportunity!
  • Celebrate. The interview is an important part of the job-seeking process! Whether you nailed this one and have successfully landed a new job or you’re still on the market – take some time to give yourself a high five for putting your best foot forward!

For additional interview tips, see our previous article on preparing for your virtual interview. Or contact Alaska’s People for additional job search support.